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P.E.T Online

We have adapted the course to be able to provide support when we can’t meet up. It has enabled families who do not live in the same city to do the course together as well as parents overseas being able to join in.

P.E.T – In Person

This is an interactive in-person course where you can learn all the key skills and takes 24 hours in total. This can be split into 3 hour sessions or over an entire weekend.

P.E.T in Schools & Nurseries

Do you wish to change the communication methods of your team/staff. As loci parentis this course is equally valued for anyone who is caring for children of any age.


When our power runs out in the teenage years we may look to find something that reconnects us with our older children. I am setting up a course specifically for parents of teenagers. If you are interested in this course please get in touch.


I offer supervision for organisations that are using compassionate and effective communication in their setting. Organisations have supervision on a weekly basis.

Coaching Sessions

I offer weekly group coaching sessions. Each session lasts an hour over zoom and costs £10. If you are interested in coaching whilst starting the full course or need a refresher then get in touch.

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